Epson printers problems? Here’s how to fix them

Many who use Epson printers, both from students, students, and many are also used in offices, companies, or housing for personal consumption.

Although the results and mold are good and fast, because it is often used sometimes these printers are experiencing problems or issues. From trivial to heavy things.

The trivial problem is usually the indicator light is often up down light or not lit and sometimes it can not even print the document.

While heavy damage sometimes occurs when there is a system in the printer that is problematic or error, so the printer can not be used anymore.

With this problem will certainly interfere with the performance, in the same deadline is pursued the client that will print the document, Office tasks or are composing a thesis. And if it is not immediately dealt with loss.

Before correcting the damage to the printer by going to repairers, you should first check what is the problem of who knows not too heavy, so it does not take time and cost.

Well, summarizes from various sources, here’s a problem that ‘ hinggap ‘ in the Epson printers.

Ink as if detected empty

The ink problem is full but an empty undetected usually occurs on an Epson printer with an inkjet printer model with ink tanks or ink tubes.

When going to print something suddenly appears notice if the ink on the tube is no content. In fact, not long ago you filled the ink with the full, and when in the check it turns out right still there.

Usually with the notification, the printer will not be able to do printing documents or other. And on the indicator light the existing image such as the ink droplet/water will illuminate.

Then how to deal with it? Events like this do happen often, so you don’t panic and rush away to the service man.

The first step is to reset the printer system. The function of the reset itself is to aim for the system to return as initially, so that the indicator light will not turn on or Kedap-kedip.

A Reset can be done using the software that you can get on the Internet. Or can also be the manual way.

For the manual is not difficult. First step turn off the printer and let stand for approximately 15 minutes. Then re-live the Epson printer.

After that, the button that has an image of the ink is pressed and lasts approximately five seconds, then released and pressed back with a hold of 3 seconds.

End Of Services Life or Ink Absorber Is Full

Almost all printers from various brands are equipped with a place or container that functions as a residual ink shelter. These containers are usually made of sponge which have high absorption power.

By the sponge all discarded inks will be accommodated, the majority of residual ink comes from or as a result of running the Head process

For problems like this will usually come out a notification or notification End Of Services Life or Ink Absorber Is Full, which means the ink absorbent is full.

If it is such a problem, then the best way is to replace the sponge or the ink shelter with a new one. But the way is not true.

The problem is actually not much different from the error above. As information, the waste ink on the printer can not be detected full or not.

So, the printer only counts based on how many prints it has already done. And it is a program that has been designed by an Epson printer, the remaining ink is wasted.

Therefore, the condition of a full disposal container is not real. As for the fix, you just have to download Tool Resetter software.

This Software has different versions and depends on the type or Epson printers that you use.

Ink Jam

One more problem that is often encountered on an Epson printer is that even all printers are print results that are unclear even no color because it is caused by the ink is stuck.

To handle problems like this the initial step is to check the condition or the ink contents either from the cartridge or the tube to the inkjet model.

If after check there is no problem, then the next step is to do the head printer. If after that way the ink still does not come out, then you should replace it.

General Error

For such problems it is rarely encountered in Epson printers. The reason, this type of damage or disorder is including heavyweight.

When you find “General Error”, it can be interpreted as a problem with the printer’s important components. Like the damage Mother board, sensors and so on.

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