Canon INSPIC (S), camera at once Printer in small design


Canon introduces a unique product, a combination of printer and camera. INSPIC (S) This can be used to photograph and print the photos directly through the photo paper inside. As a printer, the device can print directly from its camera or print photos from a smartphone connected via Bluetooth. There are three color options available, namely White, rose, and yellow. The design is compact, quite thin and lightweight with a weight of 188 grams only. The shape is very similar to a simple pocket camera. Uniquely, although it contains a thickness printer is also quite slim.

On the front side is a round selfie glass, as if the size of the camera lens, even if the camera lens is actually in the center. Its wide camera lens is fixed focus, not autofocus.

On the edge of the mirror for selfies, there are 8 LED lights to illuminate the face while taking a selfie. There is also a flash light that is very useful when shooting in a less light place.

There is no LCD screen on this camera, so for photographing can be used viewfinder or viewfinder that is on the back side. Next to the viewfinder, there are also options to print 2×2 inches or 2×3 inches of photos, as well as a button to reprint.

If the selected print size is 2×2, then the printed photo in the photo paper is not full alias truncated around 1/3 parts. While the choice of 3×3 makes the photo paper will be printed entirely. The 2×2 option will make the LED lights around the selfie mirror only light up half (4 lights). While the choice of 3×3 makes the whole lamp in the mirror edges be lit all. Behind this there is a lid that can be opened easily to access printer paper.

On the top side there is a power button, shutter button, and electric Flash, as well as an indicator light. On the left side there is a wrought hole photo paper. On the bottom side, there is a slot to put 256GB microSD, microUSB port to recharge, as well as a reset button.

The battery of Li-Ion is 700mAh in capacity, which, when fully charged, can print up to 25 photos. The results of the image tend to be bright and sharp enough, especially if the photo is done outdoors with enough light. Indoors, the sharpness of the prints is somewhat decreased, but still looks bright.

This photo print is also a sticker that can be attached directly to the gadget or laptop. If there is a microSD installed, then the photo results are instantly saved as a JPG file. However, the INSPIC (S) cannot be used to photograph when the paper is empty, while the contents of the photo is only 10 sheets.

The printed paper is Canon Paper Zink with a price of about Rp 159,500 with 20 sheets. INSPIC (S) This can also be used as a printer to print photos from Hape, via the Canon Mini Print app which can be downloaded free on Google Play.

The app is connected from a smartphone to a printer, via Bluetooth. In the app, there’s a wide selection of stickers to create. With the Canon Mini Print app, we can directly print photos that are in the smartphone gallery or on social media.

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